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We specialize in establishing SaaS-based business models. Our strengths lie in the targeted implementation of new ideas and their transformation into scalable start-ups. Thanks to already successfully established products, we are able to offer - in addition to a wide range of experience, know-how, relationships and capital - a powerful and dedicated development team in Warsaw.

Our goal is to establish new products on the market together with ambitious founders, visionaries or existing companies.


Our Competence

Company Builder

We have extensive experience in developing digital business models. Our core competencies are in the following areas


Development of scalable web and mobile solutions in the B2C and B2B segment


Development of practical and flexible strategies to achieve the desired goals


Conversion of innovative ideas into functional, web-based business models


Establishment of broad-based networks of partner companies, suppliers and distributors


Identification of suitable financing strategies and procurement of necessary funds


Design of innovative marketing strategies and establishment of efficient multi-channel sales channels

Company Building

Establishment of suitable company structures and recruitment of efficient teams locally and abroad


Launch and operation of international, multilingual products in country-specific forms



High Automatisation

We aim for the highest possible automation of our products right from the start. This means that they can not only be operated with little effort, but are also efficiently scalable.

Agile Implementation

We rely on iterative implementation of the products. Solutions are launched as MVP (Minimal Viable Product), in order to have customer feedback flow directly into the further development.

Skin in the Game

We not only invest our time, but also our own capital to implement ideas and products. We are willing to share the risk and success.

Lean Approach

We do not want to reinvent the wheel. We rely on standard solutions and only focus on custom developments once it is justified by the potential.

Focus on internationalisation

We attach great importance to building up our products from the very beginning in such a way that they can be easily ported to new markets. We take into account not only linguistic, but also commercial and legal aspects.

Ready for the API economy

We put the API (interface) at the center of our products. This way, they profit from the collaboration with other exciting products that developers and software providers connect using the API.


developed by us


smallinvoice is a cloud-based solution for small and medium sized businesses to manage their projects, report their working hours and keep track of their earnings and spendings. Apps for iOS and Android complement the offer.

Play Video Website


Pingen is a web-based service to send documents efficiently and cost-effectively as postal mail to Switzerland and the rest of the world. Thanks to our international network, best prices and fastest delivery times are automatically available.



Flyernator is a web-based service that offers a one stop solution to print flyers and have them distributed directly into the mailboxes of a specific area. Thanks to realtime postal data, only the exact number of flyers required for a campaign are printed by the Flyernator.


Management Team

We manage Lourens Systems

Sandro Kunz
Co-Founder & CEO

Sandro is co-founder of Lourens Systems and in charge of partnerships

Graem Lourens
Graem Lourens
Co-Founder & CTO

Graem is the founder of Lourens Systems and leads technical development.

Alexander F. Gröbli
Head of Operations

Alexander is responsible for Marketing and Communication

Lena Furtwängler

Lena ensures the perfect user experience.

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